Cambridge's very own hackathon is back for its second year. For 24 hours, 300 wonderful students from around the world will come together to learn, build, tinker, and push technology to its limits.

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1st Place - Hack Cambridge Recurse Trophy

The 3d-printed embodiment of glory, the winning team as chosen by our panel of judges will take home the coveted Hack Cambridge Recurse trophy and will each get a MLH 2017 season medal.

2nd Place

3rd Place

SpatialOS/VR Prize

Improbable will be selecting the best use of SpatialOS or virtual reality to take home a secret prize

Skyscanner API Prize

£100 travel voucher will go to each member of the team with the best use of Skyscanner's Travel APIs

Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs Prize

The project with the best use of the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs will take home a vast array of goodies including Azure starter kits and Raspberry Pi IoT Kits

eLife Research Communication Prize

eLife will be choosing the tool that best improves how we interact with cutting-edge research. Improve the sharing, discovery or accessibility of scientific research and you'll be in with a chance of winning a Raspberry Pi and GrovePi+ starter kits!

QuantumBlack Hacking Challenge

Winning this challenge will land you each a £50 Amazon voucher

Bloomberg Favourites Prize

Bloombergs pick of the best project will get some interesting gadgets

ARM Hardware Hacks

ARM will be giving a prize for their pick of the best hardware hack. Speak to the ARM mentors for advice on how to make a great hardware hack! Microbit kits, WiFi audio adaptors and £30 Amazon vouchers.

Best Use of Amazon Web Services

If you used any aspect of AWS you're eligible to win $250 of AWS Credit for each Team Member.

Best Domain Name from

Funniest Domain name registered on $50 of Credit for each Team Member.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Rob Whitehead

Rob Whitehead
CTO of Improbable

Alan Blackwell

Alan Blackwell
Professor of Interdisciplinary Design, Computer Laboratory

Cyril Papadacci

Cyril Papadacci
Principal Data Scientist at QuantumBlack

Lee Stott

Lee Stott
CTO Academic Engagements at Microsoft

Miquel Llobet

Miquel Llobet
Associate Product Manager at Skyscanner

Judging Criteria

  • Gavel
    Judging will be done using a comparison based system called Gavel. Judges will compare your project to another and decide which they think is better. Gavel puts these comparisons together and recognises who's come out on top.

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